What parents should know about the 2015 top toys

It’s 2015 and it’s amazing what sort of toys are available for children today! Today’s toys incorporate the latest technology with a STEM focus.

What is STEM?

Well It stands for Science, Tech, Engineering & Math, and before we go on ahead with this years top toys, let’s consider why you should focus on STEM related toys. The U.S and pretty much the entire world is only hiring individuals with a multitude of skills, mainly analytical minds which can combine their knowledge of science, tech, engineering and math. We live in a different time now where robotics and automation plays a huge role in the business world.

The internet along with digital marketing and influence are key factors on the way on how we operate and accomplish tasks.

So if you’re not planning on getting your child a gift which incorporates STEM, you are pretty much making it very difficult for them to keep up in today’s competitive environment. 

The kind of toy you should be looking for this 2015 Christmas should teach your child how to think and use the latest technology, such as Bluetooth, voice recognition, coding and solving problems in a logical way. The great Steve Jobs once said “I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.”

And it’s true, coding isn’t something that is really complicated, it’s actually a mindset, and you need to start developing that mindset as a child.

This is our 2015 list of top Xmas toy:

1.) Robot Turtle

robot-turtle-xmas-toyRobot Turtle is a board game developed on a Kickstarter campaign which is designed for young children starting at the age of 4 and up. It’s a board game created to help children learn how to code, even though they will never sit in front of a computer interface. It provides crucial brain development and computer programming skills to children as young as 4 years old in the context of family fun. Players dictate the movements of their Robot Turtle tokens on a game board by playing Code Cards: Forward, Left and Right. When a player’s Robot Turtle reaches a jewel they win! If they make a mistake, they can use a Bug Card to undo a move. The game has many levels so, as the players advance, they will encounter obstacles like Ice Walls and use more complex Code Cards (like lasers to melt the walls). Play continues until all players collect a jewel, so everyone wins. Beginner to Advanced levels will make it a family favorite for many years. It includes a large Game Board, 40 Tiles, 4 Robot Turtle Tiles, 4 Jewel Tiles, 4 Code Card Decks (45 cards in each deck) and instructions. 2-5 players can play at once and everyone who gets the Robot Jewel wins.

You can grab this awesome game on Amazon for only $19.49! Shop on Amazon

2.) My Friend Teddy

my-friend-teddy-xmas-toyWho remembers Teddy Ruxpin? That was the must has teddy bear from the 80s! It had a cassette player built into it and read stories to you! It was such an awesome teddy bear. But now days kids want more. Wouldn’t it be cool if your teddy bear was your best friend? Wouldn’t it be cool if it knew your name and what you liked? If it played games with you and read an infinite amount of stories to you?! Well My Friend Teddy, Freddy in the UK, is here. My Friend Teddy is all that and the above! Parents are able to customize child specific information, including favorite characters, family names, custom voices, and birthdays! Teddy will then incorporate this into his engaging interactive and storytelling dialogue! Teddy Will Grow with Your Child! Parents input their child’s age information and Teddy adjusts his level of play! The My Friend Teddy app includes lots of activities with counting, colors, animals and more, which increase in complexity as your child grows! At any time, parents can also manually adjust learning levels appropriately as their child develops. Teddy Is Touch and Motion Sensitive! Teddy actually knows when you’re holding him! Press Teddy’s belly to prompt him to talk. Turn him upside down and watch the fun continue! He will say things like “weeee!” or “Everything looks funny when you’re upside down”. This is sure to amaze your child!

You can grab My Friend Teddy on Amazon for $49.99! Shop on Amazon

3. My Friend Cayla

my-friend-cayla-xmas-toy-doll-2015Just like My Friend Teddy, Cayla is an advanced doll for your child. But unlike Teddy, you can ask Cayla anything you can think of and she will answer it with a unique personality to boot! This delightful 18-inch Internet-connected fashion doll, My Friend Cayla, can provide your child with hours of imaginative play. In fact, she is more than just a doll you can style and dress; she’s a real friend. Download Cayla‘s free app on your Apple or Android smart device to access more play features. Using voice recognition software, Cayla will understand and reply to your child in real time about baking, music, math, geography and millions of other things. Cayla plays games, shares her photo library and offers hours of storytelling. She’s the smartest and sweetest BFF. Cayla is truly the world’s best talking doll!

You can grab My Friend Cayla on Amazon for $84.50! Shop on Amazon

If you’re looking for more ideas on STEM related gifts, we linked to the STEM section on Amazon for your ease.  Click Here. 


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